Implant Pathway is a Proud Sponsor of

New Horizon Dental Center

in Tempe, Arizona

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Training is completed by New Horizon Dental Center founders Drs. Justin Moody and Michael Freimuth through their thriving dental implant continuum, Implant Pathway.

The New Horizon Dental Center is a 501c3 federally designated non-profit dental clinic set up to take care of those that can’t afford private practice fees. The clinic takes insurance, Medicaid, Veterans benefits and for a select few that may qualify for grants made possible by private individuals and corporations these services may be at no cost however there is no guarantee of eligibility or availability of funds.

Drs. Moody and Freimuth founded Implant Pathway, its mission is to help as many people receive the often life changing benefits of dental implants while training dentists from around the country to place dental implants. Through generous donations by individuals, corporations and implant pathways to New Horizons Institute hundreds of people have received dental implants and their smiles back, please consider donating today.