Session Four:
Live Surgery
24 CE Credits

Session Four is comprised of two days of back-to-back live surgeries— all performed on patients who receive donated dental care, many of whom are Veterans and victims of abuse.  Put your dental implant education to the test by helping the very people that need it the most.  Perform live implant placement and restorations at the non-profit dental center, New Horizon Dental Center, in Tempe, Arizona.

The best part about this two-day live surgery session is that it is held locally in the United States.  No international travel or language barriers.  Implant Pathway partnered with New Horizon Dental Center to provide implant dentistry to those who cannot afford it, and in return Implant Pathway has the opportunity to let doctors place an average of 15 implants each over the two day surgery event.

Number of implants are not guaranteed— just an average estimation based on the data of previous Session Four events.

Session Four at the New Horizon Dental Center in Tempe, Arizona
Live Clinical
Implant Surgery
  • Live Clinical Implant Surgery
  • Two Day Intensive, One Surgery After Another
  • Each Doctor Places an Average of 15 Implants
  • Team Meeting the Evening Prior for Case Selection
  • Held at the New Horizon Dental Center in Tempe, Arizona
  • Donated Implant and Denture Services to Homeless Veterans
  • Preoperative Case Work Up of Each Patient Using CBCT
  • Implant Placement on Multiple Patients Over 2 Days
  • At least One Edentulous Mandible of Implants for a Removable Denture
  • Patient Management and Post Operative Recaps of Cases