Soft Tissue Grafting
16 CE Credits
Presented in Phoenix, Arizona

This course is offered to all dentists who want to learn from Dr. Lewis Cummings about minimally invasive grafting techniques for receding gums, thin biotypes around dental implants and soft tissue augmentation through lecture and hands on learning.

Minimally Invasive Soft Tissue Grafting and the “Texas Two-Step”

This lecture will discuss the rationale and practical application of soft tissue augmentation procedures.  Principles of successful soft tissue augmentation, to include minimally invasive surgical techniques will be reviewed.  Soft tissue grafting options and donor tissue resources, their advantages and disadvantages will be examined.  Dr. Cummings will discuss the multitude of soft tissue grafting techniques being marketed to dental professionals and the general public. Addressing their advantages and disadvantages and how to discuss all the options with your patients.  Attendees will be introduced to Dr. Cummings latest soft tissue grafting approach (Texas Two-Step) that minimizes surgical trauma and expedites procedural time along with the instruments needed to perform these cases on a daily basis.  Clinicians will also learn how these techniques can be utilized to enhance socket grafting and implant site development procedures.  Current research findings, clinical experience and scientific evidence will be presented to support the materials and techniques demonstrated throughout the course.

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About Dr. Lewis Cummings

Dr. Lewis Cummings, a Houston native, graduated from dental school at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.  He continued his education with a residency in periodontics at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Lincoln, where he earned a Masters of Science in Oral Biology.  Throughout his residency, Dr. Cummings received advanced training in dental implants, hard tissue grafting and oral plastic surgery.    While in Lincoln, Dr. Cummings began research in tissue engineering and now lectures internationally in this field. In conjunction with lecturing, Dr. Cummings teaches advanced surgical courses on hard and soft tissue regenerative techniques for oral rehabilitation utilizing both dental implants and natural teeth.  Currently, he maintains a progressive periodontal practice in Kingwood, Texas, treating traditional periodontal disease with a special emphasis on minimally invasive techniques for oral rehabilitation and dental implant therapy.  He has held associate clinical professor positions with both the University of Texas Dental School at Houston and the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Lincoln, teaching soft tissue graft and dental implant surgical techniques in the post-graduate programs. He has also instructed courses at the American Institute of Implant Dentistry in Washington, DC, and the Center for Advanced Dental Education in Dallas, TX, teaching advanced periodontal plastic surgery and dental implant procedures to dentists from around the world.

Course Objectives
  • Minimally invasive techniques for treating gingival recession
  • Materials used in todays soft tissue grafting
  • Common mistakes and complications
  • Soft tissue grafting applications for implant site development
  • How sift through the marketing propaganda and determine what technique is really best for you and your patient
  • The clinical reality of soft tissue grafting
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning for grafting success
  • Instruments and set up for surgery
  • Etiology and classification of gingival recession
  • Autogenous vs. Allogenic tissue
  • Minimally invasive root coverage techniques and soft tissue augmentation
  • Advanced surgical techniques
  • Instrumentation