Fast Track
76 CE Credits

Implant Pathway’s Fast Track option is a one-week intensive that puts all four sessions of Implant Pathway back-to-back through only one week.  This is one of our most popular options for taking Implant Pathway, due to the fact that you will spend less time away from your practice.  It completely depends on your learning style.

All content from each session, including all hands-on training, lectures, question and answer sessions and the live surgery in Session Four are included in each Fast Track registration.  All for the same price as Sessions 1-4.  Fast Track begins online just like Sessions 1-4.  Place an average of 15 implants per doctor in Session Four in Tempe, Arizona at the New Horizon Dental Center.

Take less time away from your practice and enroll yourself in Fast Track: Tempe, still getting the complete Implant Pathway experience and become a Fellow of our continuum.  Our space is limited and spots fill up very quickly.

What is covered with Fast Track?

Session One

  • 20 Online Modules, Available On Demand and Completed at Your Pace
  • Implant Rationale
  • Dental and Medical History
  • Pharmacology
  • Implant Design
  • Radiology for Dental Implants
  • Bone Quality
  • Anatomy for Dental Implants
  • Grafting Materials
  • Restorative Options
  • Consultations, Records and Photos
  • Surgical Setup
  • Post Operative Follow-Up
  • Pricing Dental Implants
  • Building the Implant Team
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Your Implant Practice

Session Two

  • In-Person Lecture and Hands-On Training with Pig Jaws
  • Offered in Seattle, Raleigh, Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix
  • Single Tooth Implant Placement
  • Incision and Flap Designs for the Implant Surgical Site
  • Suturing Rationale for Predictable Success
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction Techniques
  • Ridge Preservation Grafting Techniques and Materials
  • Implant Placement for the Edentulous Mandible

Session Three

  • In-Person Lecture and Hands-On Training with Pig Jaws
  • Offered in Seattle, Raleigh, Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix
  • Uncovery of the Dental Implant, Soft Tissue and Healing
  • Implant Impression Techniques
  • Implant Restorations
  • Key Implant Restorations for the Edentulous Maxilla
  • Fabrication of the Implant Retained Denture
  • Guided Surgery Work Up, Guide Fabrication and Use of Guided Kit
  • Immediate Dental Implant Placement
  • Criteria for Success

Session Four

  • Live Clinical Implant Surgery
  • Two Day Intensive, One Surgery After Another
  • Each Doctor Places an Average of 15 Implants
  • Team Meeting the Evening Prior for Case Selection
  • Held at the New Horizon Dental Center in Tempe, Arizona
  • Donated Implant and Denture Services to Homeless Veterans
  • Preoperative Case Work Up of Each Patient Using CBCT
  • Implant Placement on Multiple Patients Over 3 Days
  • At least One Edentulous Mandible of Implants for a Removable Denture
  • Restorative Experience of Uncover, Healing Abutment Placement and Soft Tissue Manipulation
  • Patient Management and Post Operative Recaps of Cases