Restorative Solutions: Digital and Analog
24 CE Credits
Presented in Tempe, Arizona

In this live patient 3 day course, we will cover all aspects of restoring implants. There have been many courses out there that cover the conventional impression workflow, but few that also delve into the world of intra oral scanners, mills and 3D Printers. Doctors will learn the basics of analog implant dentistry, from single units, to overdentures and hybrids. For hybrids doctors will learn how to use verification jigs and screwed in occlusal rims for the bite. Doctors will also use the same patients using digital techniques that save time, increase accuracy, and save thousands. Doctors will scan single units using scan bodies and well as full arch hybrids using Intra Oral Scanners and the Imetric Photogrammetry system. In this course digital techniques will be taught that work with any scanner system such as CEREC, Trios, Medit and Ietro. We will also cover how 3D printing is utilized for analog models, temporary hybrids and interim dentures.

Course Schedule

Day One: Didactic

  • Partially Edentulous Impression Techniques
  • Overdenture Basics
  • Introduction to Hybrids using Analog Impressions and Achieving the Bite
  • Lunch
  • Introduction to Intra Oral Scanning
  • Introduction to 3D Printing and Milling
  • Scan Bodies and Ti Bases
  • Full Arch scanning techniques
  • Digital Bite Registration and face Scans

Day Two:

  • Overdenture uncovery and attachment selection
  • Overdenture impression and bite registration
  • Impressions for single unit implants and delivery
  • Scan body scanning for single units
  • Lunch
  • Overdenture Delivery

Day Three:

  • Hybrid impression techniques with verification jigs
  • Hybrid analog bite registration techniques
  • Digital Scanning and Digital Bite registration
  • Hybrid Delivery
Restorative Solutions
  • Learn how to diagnose and treatment plan with the final restoration in mind
  • Hands on with live implant patients in all phases of treatment
  • Learn to assess the soft tissue bio type and its importance for good final outcomes
  • Uncover implants and soft tissue manipulation
  • Final impressions with open try, closed try and IOS scanners
  • Delivery of over dentures and screw retained restorations