Session Two:
Hands-On & Lecture
16 CE Credits

After completing the twenty one-hour modules in Session One: Online, you are ready to begin the in-person portion of Implant Pathway, Session Two: Single Implants, Ridge Preservation and Grafting.

Learn how to place dental implants into abundant bone reliably, predictably and efficiently. This course is packed with hands on exercises designed to prepare you for implant placement, flap design and suturing.

Single Implants,
Ridge Preservation
and Grafting
  • In-Person Lecture and Hands-On Training with Pig Jaws
  • Single Tooth Implant Placement
  • Incision and Flap Designs for the Implant Surgical Site
  • Suturing Rationale for Predictable Success
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction Techniques
  • Ridge Preservation Grafting Techniques and Materials
  • Implant Placement for the Edentulous Mandible