The more I got to know Dr. Justin D. Moody and his faculty, it became evident that they’re going to, not only teach you implant dentistry, but once you invest in taking Implant Pathway, they’re with you all the way. You can text them, call them— if you have a question, they’re there for you. Their whole program really goes above and beyond what you would normally experience in any other implant course. Now, one year later, I look forward to placing implants in my practice and I get excited when I see an implant on my schedule.

Randy Houska, DDSVermillion, SD

I took Sessions Two and Three about a year and a half ago in Orange County, CA. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take Session Four or not, so I spoke to the Implant Pathway team about what I wanted to get out of the live surgeries— specifically looking to do Lateral Approach Sinus Grafting. They assured me they could make it happen, so I went down to Arizona for Session Four and

The fact that Session One is online adds a lot of flexibility to getting on the right pathway. Love that you can watch the videos at your own pace. For those who need repetition, everything is available on-demand like Netflix or Hulu streaming services. For those who want to just blast through everything the weekend before a course— well, you can do that too!

Session Two and Three are fun because you get to try some model work out, hear the lectures from Dr. Moody and Dr. Freimuth themselves, and of course, ask any questions you want and they’re going to give you all the knowledge they have right on the spot. So there’s a lot of value to completing Sessions 1-3, even without the live surgery.

I highly recommend Implant Pathway. Do yourself a favor and join the group.

Philip Gordon, DDSLeawood, KS

The online training was fabulous, covered a TON of stuff. These guys truly deliver the whole package. I’ve had a fair amount of didactic training, and of course some hands-on training with Implant Pathway— but truly, their lectures are something special. They do an outstanding job with everything. You can take Implant Pathway over the course of a week and come back to your office on Monday, ready to start placing implants without issue. This whole program is just really well put together.

Dr. Justin D. Moody and the Implant Pathway faculty share in-depth knowledge and their first-hand experience, their mistakes, their lessons learned; which creates this authentic, one-of-a-kind learning experience that is honestly priceless. They get to know you. They know your name, your practice, your learning style. It’s one of the most complete training courses out there.

Steve Karmy, DDSWalla Walla, WA

The live surgeries were very beneficial for me, in fact I have taken Session Four twice, which is nice that you can revisit and audit yourself as you progress through your implant education. At the first surgical course, I placed 14 implants and had an opportunity to remove some failed implants. Someone should choose Implant Pathway over any other implant education course because of the fact that they present so many unique learning opportunities for you, in such an authentic and REAL manner… they are who they are, and it’s great to have that personal connection lead the way in your training. It’s invaluable.

Rhonda Savage, DDSGig Harbor, WA